All natural substances are constructed from only 90 fundamental elements, yet there are more than twenty million compounds formed using these elements, and their assemblies and combinations are the building blocks used by Nature throughout the biological and mineralogical worlds.

Through chemistry, one can learn about these elements and come to understand the properties, structures and reactivities of their compounds. Lectures and experimental classes are offered in analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, by which students are guided to a knowledge of the background, information and methodologies fundamental to the science of chemistry.

Chemistry is closely related to physics, biology and other fields in the natural sciences. Furthermore, chemistry is deeply associated with yet other fields, such as pharmacology, medical science, engineering and earth sciences, providing fundamental knowledge in each field.

Senior Thesis students gain hands-on experience of research on new and advanced materials with unique functions, biologically important substances such as nucleic acids, proteins and glycolipids, environment-impacting materials, or archeological samples under the guidance of faculty members specializing in these fields.

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