Greeting from a Faculty Member

Prof. Grant R. Pogosyan, Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Welcome to Natural Sciences, where we are dedicated to providing high-quality education in all major fields of Natural Sciences. As a principal part of Liberal Arts Education at ICU, our mission is to offer a variety of learning routes that lead to specialization in a field of science, and that may cross disciplinary boundaries.

I am truly honored to represent Natural Sciences, which consists of many internationally-renowned scholars. Our members are recognized for their earnest commitment to science education and research, as well as for their student guidance.

Our students are motivated and inquisitive. According to independent surveys, most of them have a high evaluation of their studies with us and remain satisfied long after their graduation.

Starting April 1st, 2008, the Divisional structure of ICU was discontinued, and we are now represented by three new Departments: Life Science, Material Science and Mathematics & Computer Science. It is a considerable challenge to ensure a smooth transition, and my colleagues and I are working hard to fulfill our common deeds and to further promote science education at ICU.

A particular goal is to further reinforce our external links, or what I may call the Three Bridges:

The gMatriculation Bridgeh is for those who wish to join us and to study science at ICU. Several times a year we organize special events for High School students and their parents, and we will have more such activities in the near future. Please check our websites for information about organized events, such as Open Campus days, Open Lecture weeks, etc.

Our gGraduation Bridgeh is a solid platform that connects to both graduate studies and to society, in Japan and abroad. In the past 5-6 years, about 60% of our graduates have found employment in companies, schools and elsewhere in society, and 40% have continued on to graduate school at ICU or to other leading universities. We will enhance our relations and our support to ensure that every graduate finds their next destination to be the best suited to their needs and qualifications.

Our bidirectional gSpanning Bridgeh is which keeps us closely connected to society, communities and other academic institutions. We will continue developing and expanding programs such us eScience Awareness,f eScience Partnershipf and eScience and Society,f in order to give our students and staff more opportunities to learn, work and live in an ever more open and coherent environment.

I welcome all to Science Hall and we will be very happy to show you what we offer.

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